Charlie Darville used the old building technique of chalk blocks from the chalk 'up Cadsden', with rags and chalk dust to bind and the odd piece of flint to build his cottage on the green. With a path into Water Lane and willows by the stream across the Lane, with help from the neighbours the roof would be thatched at the end of the day.

After the Darville family moved away, in the 1920's a Mr & Mrs Lucas lived at Clapgate, and Mr Lucas was a gardener for the larger houses. He let his apprentice George Stevens live with them until 1938, when Mr &: Mrs Hicks came to live there with their young daughter, although the cottage owners changed. As the years passed it became part of the Crockett lands, and later was sold again - and lost its thatch when it fell into disrepair.

The new owners have substantially extended the cottage.


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