On the land where the wheelwrights shop once stood, a modern bungalow was built, and named Maycroft.

When the property changed hands it was renamed The Forge by the new owner, who found the old farm cart wheel in another wheelwrights shed and hung it on the wall as a reminder of what used to happen on the site.


Footnote: Prior to the Craigs the Illmans lived at Askett Villa. In the 1950s the Illmans built a bungalow, Maycroft , in their garden to the side and lived there with their daughter. When Maycroft was bought by Roger Mortimer he obtained planning permission to convert an outbuilding belonging to the original wheelwright into living accommodation for his wife, who required full time care. He renamed the property The Old Forge . (By this time Mary Poulton's Old Forge had been renamed Griff Cottage by Tina Evans when she came to Askett in the early 1970s.) David and Pauline Cox bought The Old Forge from the Eatons in 1985.

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