A cottage was built here on land farmed by the Baldwin family probably in the sixteenth century, but gradually it fell into disrepair.

Rebuilt on land belonging to the Hampden estate in the eighteenth century there are many families who could be associated with these cottages as many farm labourers came and went with their families through the history of the village, but it is not possible to trace a particular family in the register who occupied the property for more than a generation.

At the beginning of the twentieth century 'Bonnie' Rogers lived there with his son, Laurie,who became a carpenter, working for Mr Lavington improving Askett House, and made a new staircase at Askett Lodge. He painted local views too, which have recently come to light. In the other cottage lived Ezra Rogers, farm labourer, together with his brother Abel Rogers, painter of signposts and houses inside and out. His wife took in washing and demanded a kiss from small people who visited her, but they did not appreciate the honour

The small cottage fell in disrepair and new owners considerably extended it in 1988

Footnote: After the Rogers, Mr and Mrs Bailey lived in the White House for many years. They were expert gardeners. Mr and Mrs Parry lived in the adjacent White Cottage - subsequently demolished and rebuilt by John Shone.

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